Write Once, Earn Money Multiple Ways.

Content Marketing

One way to live while you hustle is to make good use of your time. One of the things I preach is to work once, profit multiple ways. What do I mean by that? I mean that whatever piece of content I create, has to benefit me at least twice. So how do you do that? Repurpose your content. Read more for information about repurposing your content.

Article marketing.

Content Marketing
Articles that are published on your website for search engine marketing purposes can be rewritten and used for article marketing purposes. The rewriting process is simply a matter of changing the content by changing the words used, not the overall concept or information in the article. There are tools online that you can use to ensure your ‘rewrite’ is considered ‘original’ by the search engines. Content can be rewritten by you, a virtual assistant, or outsourced to a writer for a nominal fee.

Blog posts.

Large articles can be segmented into several smaller blog posts. In fact, often one paragraph in a larger article (1000 words or more) makes a great blog post because it’s very specific. All you need to do is write an introduction and a short conclusion and you have a great blog post from content that’s already written. Or you can rewrite a shorter article using the strategy mentioned earlier to create a unique blog post.


Collect like articles and blog posts to create a unique report. You’ll need to write an introduction, a conclusion and some transition paragraphs to make the report feel seamless. However, you’re creating a valuable product you can sell or give away from content that’s primarily already written.

Guest articles/blog posts.

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You can rewrite articles to publish on partner websites or as guest blog posts to boost awareness and credibility. You can even post these on places that pay you to post. So now you’ve earned money twice for the same content.


Use your article content to create autoresponders or enewsletters. Many of your prospects do not visit your website regularly to catch up on new content. You can publish your best articles in an enewsletter or you can summarize them, or publish a teaser and link to the article on your website. Thus increasing website traffic.


Just like creating reports mentioned earlier, you can create ebooks by collecting groups or chapters of like content. Sell it or give it away as a bonus, lead generator, or viral product.

Online courses.

Use your articles to create short lessons for an online course which you can again give away or charge for as an information product.
You can even create videos from these articles to place in your online course.


You can narrate the written content that you create and turn them into videos. You can do this yourself or outsource this task. These videos can also be the building blocks for a course.
Audios. After you make videos with these, you can use the audios that you have created to make audio content. You can create a podcast from these files. Again, this is something that you can outsource. Since you already have the text, you can just use the article as your show notes.

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