Happy New Year. Do You Have Your Goals Planner Yet?

Happy New Year! Whew. We made it past that year that shall not be named. Yes, that’s literally what I’m calling last year. I don’t even want to hear those numbers unless it’s in reference to vision. This meme sums up my rules for that year…Fight club 2021


So moving forward, let’s talk about 2021. Have you set your goals for the year yet? I sure hope so. Do you have a journal to write these goals down in yet? Why am I asking about journals? Well it’s important to plan your year. I know what you’re thinking. You probably bought a planner for the year that shall not be named and didn’t get to use it. I get it. If you want this year to be better than last year, you will need to make a conscious effort to do things that will bring you closer to your goals. You have to set smart goals to be able to live while you hustle. Here’s some tips to help you with your goals in the new year and beyond.


Set Clear Goals

Many times people don’t achieve their goals because they aren’t specific enough. For example, someone may say that they want to make more money. However, they may not say how much more money the y want to make. A clear goal is something like, “I want to make an extra 500 a month.” See the difference?


Give Your Goal A Realistic Target Date

This is important because if the target date you set for yourself is unreasonable, you will feel like a failure. It’s not reasonable to think that you will go from 0 to 500 dollars a month overnight. Give yourself some time to learn the skills you will need to make your goal a reality. Speaking of learning new skills….

Be Open Minded About Learning New Ways Of Doing Things

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You may need to learn new skills to achieve this new goal that you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t know how to do something, ask. You have Google, YouTube, and Udemy to go to if you need to learnĀ  how to do a certain task. There’s really no excuse if you have the desire and willingness to learn.

Track Your Progress


Hit The Mark JournalIt’s been said that what you focus on grows. So whatever goal you are trying to achieve, you need to track it. Pay attention the things that work and stop doing the things don’t work. Time is important. The last thing you want to do is waste it on tasks that don’t contribute to your goal.

Get An Accountability Partner

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When you’re trying to accomplish a goal, it’s important to have someone that will keep you honest. You need someone that will say hey, you’re getting off track. Now this could be someone you hire such as a coach or it could be a close friend or a family member. This person should be someone you can go to when you feel like quitting. This person should be able to give you some words of encouragement when you are feeling down. Having an accountability partner will help you achieve your goals faster.

One thing that can help you track your progress better is a journal. I am selling a goals journal. It is a paperback journal and it is undated. It has the months but no numbers on the months. Click the following link to purchase your copy: https://www.amazon.com/Hit-Mark-DeAnna-Troupe/dp/0359328342

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